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Identify Your Persona

This is one of those days that falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  For seniors, retirees and others not in the work world, it is just another day off, a day to do pretty much what we like.  It is a privileged day, this, and those that lead up to New Year’s eve and day.

This day, is much like the others we have come to enjoy and sometimes take for granted.  It is a holiday, but really is only one more in a string of holidays that we are able to do whatever we wish.

Not everyone is so fortunate, even some who are retired are still caught up in trying to make ends meet, and are holding down part time jobs to make a living.

The rest are allowed the rewards that are expected to come with retirement.  Those rewards are as numerous as we are.  We have gained the right to be about our own thing, doing what we wish, enjoying what we think we have earned.  Much of that is true.  But there are other dimensions to retirement, demonstrated by those who at 80 and more are still making significant contributions, don’t believe in the word “retirement,” are like Christopher Plummer, the actor, who recently said in an interview “retirement is an awful word.”  He has passed 80.

These days between, then, are like all those that went down in glory, days when we are allowed to look at ourselves, evaluate our persona, and choose to be a different person as we approach another year that carries more promise than regret.  Maybe, we won’t have to be so “different.”  Maybe our choices and actions already indicate how healthy our life style is.  Maybe we will just continue to be that extraordinary person we have attempted to be all our lives.  Maybe the “days between” will just be the days before.

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