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Seniors Find Meaning in the New Year

There are fewer days between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but, for the most part, there is also less to do to be ready.   Selecting what to wear, vowing to be safe and cautious, swearing to limit the amount of spirits to be consumed, making last minute “good wishes” calls.  That’s about it, unless you are hosting an occasion, which will mean a completely different set of “to dos.”

The Days Before provide for time to be adequately recovered from the Christmas celebrations to put on a whole different costume in readiness for a new year. We speak figuratively here of “costumes.”  What we wear, we find as we grow older, is really less important than who we are and how we choose to present ourselves. It is no time to be foolish.  It is time to have a good time, but to do so with a posture of appropriateness and a spirit to be shared with and by all.

A New Look at New Year Resolutions: Opportunity for Change

The Days Before provide a time for continuing reflection: 

  • What was the year like?
  • What made it fruitful and worth while?
  • What about it bears repeating?
  • What about it do I want to discard?

The following days will allow for new year considerations, a chance to be ahead of the curve.

These days between are like a bonus, a time in which little is expected and much can be appreciated.  They give us a chance to do a cleansing, of soul, maybe of body, especially of mind, quintessentially of spirit. While like a spring cleaning, this occasion comes on the cusp of winter when trees are bare, lawns are brown, snow may cover the ground.  This is the winter of our golden days when blessings still abound and pleasures proliferate and goodness is our watchword.

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