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Greed Replaces Faith, Hope and Love

The ghastly darkness of the season now invades us all.  Pepper spray and the collapse of a shopper, while others go about their merry and indifferent way, as he lies there amidst the tinsel and garland and grasping hands, now haunts us all.  They might have turned off the lights and announced the store was closing, for Christmas was, at that moment, really no more. It had ended, if it had ever really started.

And, if it had, it had surely got off to very bad and terrible start. If this were to be Christmas, 2011, something was terribly wrong.  If it has been reduced to such ravenous appetites, filled only by the accomplished desire of getting what I want, then the season is little worth having or remembering or commemorating.

Not even common courtesy is allowed.  As easy as it is, polite thoughtfulness seems to have been disregarded.   Step up and over there, there seems to be someone in the aisle.  Must have gotten tired.  Oh well, on with the show.   How gross, how inhumane, how empty.  Once the cart is full, what is really in it.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It is empty of love.  Devoid of compassion.  Lacking in meaning.  Whatever the gift, it is a gift of ashes.

Christmas Re-Defined by Plastic

Drape the store entrances in black.  Make everyday a Black Day, for now what we have done is translate the spirit of Christmas into the worship of stuff, the adulation of buying plastic, the  bowing at the altar of the cash register. It is no longer fittiting even to call it Christmas. If this is what it takes to have a happy holiday, the arduous commitment to fighting it out to get yours, then how is it worth all the trouble.  The message is lost.  The intent of giving a gift is drowned in the thunder and rumble of grasping and grabbing and rushing and tumbling.  There is no joy in that.  There is only competition, making sure you get the prize.

Reduced to its common denominator, this holiday is hardly worth the piles of paper and disappointments it is built upon.  Before too many weeks have gone by, the rush and rumble will have been forgotten.  Ere long, the sought for prize will be at  the bottom of a jumble of other gifts, many of which, have no longer any lustre.  By mid year, appetites will be pining for yet other satisfactions.  The poor man in the aisle, over which some had inconveniently to step, will be forgotten.

And this is Christmas, now, 2011.  What will there be of it worthy of celebrating?  At the end of the day, it will be black again, dark, and just what it was.   It will have been a day of having opened presents, discarded boxes and wrappings, stuffed ourselves, enjoyed the brief thrill that we got what we wanted.  And, maybe we even got what we deserved.  An empty day, made dark because we were in such a hurry to make someone else happy that we forgot that being happy ourselves and translating that happiness to everyone else was what the occasion was really about.  It is to be a light in the darkness.  It is to dispel the shadows.  It is to bring joy and shed it among others.

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