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Downsizing for Seniors

We are in the process of the great move.  Having built our dream retirement home fifteen years ago, we are about to abandon it for the proverbial senior’s task of downsizing. And, my what the implications of that are, I had no idea.  One week from today, we will be virtually through with our part.

That includes everything we aren’t prepared to surrender having been packed safely in boxes that are well insulated.  It also includes numerous give aways, a number of throw aways and startling surprises of things I have decided I can live without.  Those will go into an auction in which many treasures will be the reward of those who enjoy such experiences.

It is not so traumatic as I anticipated.  Yet.  The plan is for us to not be present at the auction.  Rather like a funeral, to which the deceased is not invited.  It likely would be too wrenching to watch all those wonderful collectables from so many years disappear under the gavel’s fall, with the word “Sold” echoing in every emptying room.

Since having had cancer five years ago, I lack the stamina that goes with such an undertaking.  I grow tired much more easily.  I am not sure it is so much fatigue as an excuse  to delay.

I suppose when it is all over and done, I will find enthusiasm for the new environment we will create.  I suppose that all the memories, packed in  my heart, the only place that the curious buyer cannot go, will go with me.  I expect that, like so many other of life’s earthquake moments, when so much changes, this too will pass.

Just One More Part of the Journey

Aging, it has been said, is really not for sissies, the reluctant, the recalcitrant. It requires an enormous amount of readiness for what comes next.  This is a minor undertaking compared to that other one that brings with it finality and conclusion.  Thank God, we aren’t there yet.  The Countdown has begun.  But it is only one more part of the journey.  It is just one more day in an endless string of new and wondrous experiences that broadens our eventful lives.  It provides more stories, more occasions for new explorations, meeting new friends, opening other doors.

In this one, my 92 year old mother joins us.  She has lived in the same county, all her life.  Imagine the wonders  she awaits.  I called her last night.  She had been about the task of sharing her few things in her room.  She even said “I think I have sold my chair and table.”  She lives in a care facility.  That is the limit of her personal furnishings.  But she is packing and ready for the trip.

Ready for the trip is a good way for all of us to be. The countdown has begun.  But the race is still on.

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