Testing Optimism Again

Mar 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For a while now, it has been a challenge to be optimistic. Most of the tide has been against us. Alas, is it turning? There are some subtle signs. The signs are surely only ripples so far. But there seem to be some indicators that there may be promise ahead.

The Dow Jones alone won’t give us complete reassurance. The reversing of the fortunes of those guilty in engineering some of the schemes that created the financial disaster suggests that right may prevail. Like acts of random kindness, there are isolated positive indicators. There are still huge storm clouds and ill wind forecasts that don’t make it easy to have a happy go lucky, never mind tomorrow, devil may care attitude.

In any crisis, there is always the need for those who grasp the situation and help the rest of us find our way out of it. There is always that person who contrives methods, ideas, insights, courage and shares them with those who are lookers on. Begin looking around for those who, not out of self interest, but just because they are among us as wise and caring, can help us see the dawning light. They already have.

Guard healthy skepticism, for some, who would act as leaders, are traveling in the proverbial sheep’s clothing.

Remember, in an earthquake one must be vigilant for the aftershocks.

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