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Seniors Smile at the Face in the Mirror

Today is a good day to be proud of yourself.  Today is a day when you can look yourself squarely in the mirror and say “I am really pleased with who I am.” You have gone through an extensive barrage of deliberate and unkind attacks on your character, on your class, on your commitments to being the kind of person America needs right now.  You aren’t puffed up.  You are just a solid human being who has taken his/her self seriously enough that you know you can and have made a difference.

You may have stood for hours in a polling line.  You sorted out the wheat from the chaff.  You examined the issues and the non issues before you finally concluded you were ready.  And when you were, you knew that you had made the right decision at the right time.  You know you are a part of history.  You are one of millions about whom this campaign will be written.  And it will be written to favor the future, to uphold the goodness of those who stood with you into the chronicles of this part of our century.  You are a good man.  You are a good woman.  And you understand the long term implications of having voted and having taken your stand for a bright future.

Don’t Stop Now

Now that you been recorded in the annals of our time, you cannot relax.  Like the legions who joined with you, you will need to carry on.  You will need to find meaningful ways to continue to gird yourself with truth and justice and compassion and willingness to take on more battles for justice and caring for others and lifting the flag high for right and taking on wrong wherever it raises its mean and ugly head.

You need not apologize for your stand.  You may only need to be comfortable in the conviction of knowing that when it counted you were there. You thought it through and you came to a position worth defending.  You are a person for whom principles count.  You know that believing in good and acting it out identifies you as person of character.  That is who you are and that is who you will continue to be.  You and untold numbers of others will have seen the serious need  for standing tall.  You are one who knows how important it is to be a person of principle and to stand for those principles at the right time.  You won’t need to explain. But you can if need be.   You won’t need to be ashamed.  For you know that you have made the right choice and you are completely satisfied with having done so.

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