Surprises Help Create Unexpected Life Changes for Senior Citizens

Jun 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Among the easiest of life’s routines is creating a routine for everything.  It is easy to get into habits we repeat over and over.  Repeating our behaviors from day to day enables us to know what is going to happen next.  What happens next is no surprise, because we have habituated ourselves into a series of easily repeatable habits.  Usually, we are comfortable with those habits.  Usually, we prefer to stay in the comfort zone our habits create for us.  We don’t have to think or decide or deliberate on our next move.  It has been already predetermined.  After awhile, such behavior or actions just happen.  They don’t require any effort.

Once in a while, something comes along to disrupt such patterns.  Once in awhile our routines come across a question:  “why are we doing this or that?”   Once in awhile we are met with a genuinely motivated inquiry from deep within ourselves or from someone who has observed us carefully, “why do you do that?”   It is then we become aware of  how staid, and set in our ways we have become.  It could  mean that we are on the cusp of greater, unexpected life changes. It is then that we may feel the unfamilar urge to do something differently. 

Examining our moldy habits and behaviors is quite good for us.  It means that we still have a mind that can be provoked into thinking.  It means that we can discard old concepts and ideas that are quite useless.  It means that we may be able to cast off the old and put on the new.  It may mean we awaken to a sense of  a new world each day, instead of the “same ol, same ol.”   It may mean that refreshing new images and visions of the world are created.  It may mean that we can pack away a lot of what we have held on to, only to find that it was just heavy baggage we need no longer carry. 

When we travel now, we do so carrying as little as possible.  We want to be available to what is out there awaiting us.   We don’t want our baggage to hold us back or slow us down.  Not a bad lesson for life.  Be ready to take off on an excursion never before experienced, be prepared to meet unexpected life changes, be open to all the surprises that are lurking in wait just to give us a good time, enlarge our imagination, push us further than we thought we could go.  Be ready for the unknown.  And when it comes, embrace it as if you knew it would be there all along.

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