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Aug 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Came across this website the other day. Our son, an artist in San Francisco, introduced us to it. If you are interested in unusual art, I recommend you give it a peek.

The address is Artists continue to be true purists and philosophers in our time. They use their art, in whatever form, to express deep seated insights for our benefit. They often deal with controversial and very personal issues, but they have a way of hitting home with many of us.

Assisting them to tell their point of view gives them the support they need to be able to proclaim messages not often enough heard through other forms of communication. History is replete with artists, of every genre, who have attempted to raise our sensitivities. Having lived with one until he went out on his own, and keeping up with his more contemporary approaches has widened my horizons.

If you would enjoy seeing his work to get a sample of what I mean, his contact on the web with Saatchi is

That’s a long and exhausting one, but give it a try and perhaps another window will be open to you to see the world a little differently. Don’t just stop with him, search out others. There are many out there who are trying to get our ear and our eye!

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