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What to Give Your Favorite Senior

It is an annual dilemma for many of us to decide what to give seniors whose needs and space may be small. We want to remember them at this time of year, letting them know that we are thinking about them and sending our love.  SCJ writes about this every year, and it’s time once again to look at suggestions.

So what do family members offer the seniors in the family, who will decry wanting or needing anything, but still need not be forgotten or overlooked.

Here are a few ideas for what to give elderly loved ones in your family circle:

Gift cards which can be used for occasions when basic essentials are needed, e.g. toiletries, over the counter purchases, hair cuts, pedicures, and, if still driving, gasoline.

A monthly floral gift, a potted plant or other such gift which can brighten where they live.

A regular shipment of chocolate which comes just as the last box is emptied.

Tickets to the theatre or a play. Give in pairs so they do not have to go alone.

Promises and a commitment to visit local sites never before experienced or seen.

Opportunity to visit friends who are now in a Care Facility.

Paid for telephone usage for long distance calls to friends or family members far away.

Out to lunch treat with 2 or more friends every couple of months.

Visits from grandchildren who just stop by to say hello and offer a warm hug.

A trip to her/his favorite clothing store to buy something just for their satisfaction and enjoyment.

Being included when other family members go to a movie, a play, or other fun event.

These are ideas that need to be set in place and at a time which will work for the senior.  Doing so will bring rich reward to their quality of life and to those who make giving an act of frequent and genuine affection.




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