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Things for Seniors To Do

Depending on your age, you are met today with an avalanche of choices giving you all kinds of variety in life.  Where we live, there are limitations created by the extreme heat; in other locales, floods are influencing decisions. No matter where you live, there can be numerous possibilities for what you decide to do.

Part of choosing what we will do with any block of time is the matter of realizing how many options there really are.  Here are a few:

A dip in the pool, your own or a community pool.

An extended power walk in a large mall.

Exercising in a place that is air conditioned.

Inviting a table of 3 to join you for table games.

Reading a current best seller.

Visiting with persons in a care facility.

Volunteering in a Food Bank.

Choosing some friends to have lunch and a movie together.

Checking out the local museum.

Discovering some things you never knew before about your hometown.

Shopping for someone who can’t do it for themselves.

Calling or communicating in other ways with dear friends far away.

Volunteering to help with a Vacation Bible School.

Reading for someone who has vision limitations.

Creating a list of things to do for several days or weeks in advance.

Sorting through stuff accumulated and collected.  Deciding what to do with it.

Working on projects too long delayed.

Staying in the cool of the house or car or wherever you can.

Checking on others while you are just sitting there.

Bathing your dog.

Doing what you can outside before the day becomes intolerably hot.

Well, you get the point.  There is no excuse for boredom or having little to do to involve and distract you.

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