Starting Today, Seniors Let’s Turn Over a New Leaf

Aug 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How many times have you made that declaration?  Did it work?  Whatever the new leaf was, did you see significant change in the management of your day to day routine? What brought you to the need to make such a declaration? 

Rearranging furniture is a symbolic effort at rearranging your life.  It suggests boredom with present conditions, a need to introduce something new and sparkling into your life.  If you are single, maybe searching and finding a cmpanion to bring extra excitement into your life should be on the venue.   If you are widowed, maybe the time has come to search out new opportunites at socialization.   If you are married, then maybe its time to rearrange the furniture.

A new leaf is heavier thaan it might at first seem.  The implications of turning it over may require more introspection and examination of behavior than you are prepared to undergo.  It also means a determination to change behaviors that you find personally uncomfortable.  While uncomfortble, they may be so embedded in your behaviors that changing them will be more of an undertaking than you can singly accomplish.  That means finding and admitting to the need for HELP! 

At whatever age you decide to turn over a new leaf, it will be to your advantage and the outcome of your declaration to seek guidance and reinforcement as you approach getting into a new you, a new discipline, a new style. 

However, if your disgust with yourself is such that your motivation pushes you to be really serious, then all speed ahead. 

Find a therapist or counselor who will help identify specific changes and steps to accomplish those.

Identify, with observation by others, the ticks and foibles that are irritating to them and you.

Bolster your ego as you enter this enterprise, so that you don’t end up more depressed than helped.

Identify end of project goals, timelines, evaluation process.

Reward yourself as you begin to see changes in your interpersonal interactions.

Do not call attention to others, just as if you were losing weight, how much progress you are making.  Let them perceive the differences.

Keep a journal so that you are aware of incremental changes and gain encouragement from your progress.

Decide that you will be happy with partial success.  Most buildings are not rebuilt in a day.  Most alterations do not occur overnight. 

Launch yourself at some given time into a situation that allows you to test whether or how you are doing. 

Finally, choose to smile a  lot, keep your disposition even, interact with people you don’t know and test your new self.

Good luck,  Maybe you will not only turn over a new leaf, but you may sweep the whole yard.  After all, it is almost autumn.

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