Spending Time You Will Never Regret

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Seniors Spend Time With Family

When choosing to spend time with someone in your life’s experience and circle, you are really investing in memories.  My Mother is 91 years old.  I am an only child.  My Father died a number of years ago.  It is my reward to live near her and to have occasion to see her with some regularity.  We also talk by phone at least once a day.  Those times are not particularly dramatic or unusual in their nature and kind, just ordinary opportunities that will eventually become extraordinary treasures.  It will never be possible to regret the use of that time.  It will never be that I will wish for less time spent, but only more.

When having occasion to be with a grandchild, one now past high school, or the others, still attending, one is choosing to have moments that won’t be able to be repeated in quite the same way again.  All of us know how fleeting such moments are.  All of us realize that had we only had an extra hour, a day, a weekend, several weeks, it still would not be enough.  We capture those flashes and hold them dear in our hearts, indelibly engraved upon our spirits.  How were we so fortunate to have had even that much time, their valuable hurry up and live time, that was devoted only to us?

Seniors Seize Opportunities

When those rare experiences come and go too quickly with our own children, at whatever age, we are aware that that glimpse, that catch your breath time, that once in a long time sharing is so utterly valuable that you want to lock in a safe place to be brought again whenever possible. But such is not the way it is.   Any time we share with the ones we love with all we are is just that-a fleeting, goes by too quickly gift.  It is there, and when it is , it must be held as tightly and securely and lovingly as opportunity allows.

Do they, they who are the ones with whom our affection is so deeply shared, know just how deep it goes?  Do they, these ones whose company we long to share, ever really know how special and magnificent the love is we hold in common?  Likely they do.  They just may not know how much, at the moment, we are savoring it, that that love in that instant is uniquely and forever ours. They may never have the same unusual experience.  Yet, somehow we expect that they will.  Somehow that abiding love that passes between us will be emulated and shared with others.  They too will know the magnetic joy of being bound together.  They will realize how treasured it is to be so committed and caring of another in their life’s circle that they will want to seek it out and know it as we have.

So spend lavishly anytime you can on and with and for and over and through those whose precious presence, while rare, is time we will never regret having extravagantly spent.

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