Social Insecurity: Do You Have a Plan B?

Aug 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Assuming the worst, as some Prognosticators are doing, what is your Plan B?  We are talking about more serious economic collapse, intimately affecting more and more of us.  What if systems, lacking any real integrity, just give up and throw in the towel?  What if the already stretched too thin resources are stretched to the breaking point?  What if systems and structures and institutions long thought to be our safety net are rent asunder?  Not a pretty picture.  Is it a possible one?  Could it happen to our society, our country, in our time?

Some clearly are blissfully ignoring some of the impending threats of economic disaster.  Some have already feathered their own nests.  Some are genuinely trying to deal with some realistic optimism to find a way out.  Some seem to think that this society and all its gimmicks may just go under.  Some  just quietly wait, expecting the sirens of disaster to begin their warning peal.  Perhaps in some quarters those sirens are already at decibel peak.  Perhaps in some situations, where unemployment is reaching and exceeding the 20% number, it is too late for a siren.  Perhaps in those communities where foreclosure rates are over the top, unemployment is desperate, houses and businesses stand empty, no sun light is on the horizon…perhaps these persons will begin their collective chorus to remind us how bad it is for them.

Do these persons have a plan B?  Or did they?  As promised, this is not about politics. It is about human hurt and pain and despair.  It is about where the next meal comes from.  It is about whether persons will have a roof over their heads.  It is about how many will wander homeless and hungry, afraid and alone.

None can say in this age, “well that’s just too bad, they got themselves into it, let them work their way out.” Complicit in this huge trap into which so many and so much has fallen has been every aspect of our entire social structure.  Whose fault?  It is the fault of greed, of living beyond our means as a nation, of stretching every dollar until it can be stretched no more.  It is the fault of making promises impossible to keep.  It is the fault of power misused and abused.  It is the fault of war and those who continue to stir the embers and ashes of war.  It is the fault of all who expect something for nothing, without ever giving anything to help make it and provide it and be a part of sustaining it.   

It is time for a Plan B.  That Plan B needs to embrace the values and ideals of a society that cares about what happens to it and each other.  It is one in which we challenge the crooked, the indifferent, the unwilling, the unforgiving, the biased and judgmental, the gluttonous and over-gorged.  It is time we came to appreciate, respect, and honor the true foundations of humanity:  freedom, inalienable rights of equality, a government of, by and for the people.   If we create such a  Plan B, it is likely our country will begin to heal, our future will be made bright, our people made whole again.

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