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Retirees Get to Choose

Some of us seniors experienced and learned to enjoy as teenagers the gift of sleeping-in.  And at this age, something over 60 or so, we still crave that opportunity  on occasion.  It is one of those privileges that comes with being able to choose exactly what you want to do and doing it.  Sleeping-in trumps “but I have to get up” feelings that came with accepting responsibility, having a job, meeting a deadline, concern over what others might think, and the plague of suspected laziness.

However, so long as it does not become a daily habit, occasional sleeping in is one of those choices that Seniors have earned the right to enjoy and practice.  It displays a sense of self awareness, that I am in charge of my life and my day and if I choose to sleep in, that is quite okay.

Fatigue is a malady that comes with growing older.  It can only be defeated when one puts on the whole armor of determination and snuggles in a little deeper.  William James, the psychologist, tells a blissful story of the adventure of one who works to head off the temptation of sleeping in.  He says, as best I remember, that one thinks of all the things awaiting to be done and slips into a contest of staying in bed or having to get up.  And suddenly, Hello, you are up. The contest has been decided.  That is often the way it works.

Senior Pleasures

But for those whose needs are not so driven, the desire and outcome for sleeping  may prevail for awhile.  On those occasional holidays or Saturdays when nothing else beckons, it is sometimes known that sleepers-in get the upper hand.  If the house is quiet enough, if it is a rainy day, if the dog is snuggled in with you, if the errands have all been run and the leaves raked, and the day’s possibilities can wait, then sleeping in becomes a rare and privileged option.

This morning was one of those times for me.  That’s why this article is later than usual.  I allowed sleeping in to be the victor.  It was both pleasant, pleasurable, and totally dedicated to selfish desires.  It worked, I slept until almost 8 o’clock.  For those who live in Central Time, you know that to be 10, your time.  That, in our household, with all kinds of inspiration for noise and disturbance and demands on having to get up is quite an accomplishment.  It is one I fully intend to engage in more with guiltless frequency.

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