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Here are six things to surrender as we age:

NUMBER One: “A negative attitude and an off putting manner.” Sustaining this kind of disposition is a sure fire way to be off-putting of others.  Wonder why people avoid you?  Check your attitude quotient.  A sour disposition is a sign of a deeply dissatisfied person, with anxieties and angers that need to be addressed and eliminated.  Carrying them on, as a badge of honor, is a sure way to alienate the presence and pleasance of others in your daily encounters.

NUMBER Two : “An ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ stance on most every subject.  Wait a minute, you just took up some of my time to tell you what really is going on.”  Barging in, expressing vociferously a position on almost any subject is another of the down putting behaviors that leaves others uncomfortable in your presence.  Finding ways to discredit the positions of others is another of those behaviors which will assure you their absence in your presence.

NUMBER Three: “The, ‘have I told you about my most recent bout with illness‘”.  No one likes to be held captive to a rehearsal of your ailments and all the implications that go with them.  Find a suitable way to keep others appropriately informed without boring them with the details, if you must.  Otherwise, find ways to change your own subject.

Number Four:  “Badgering others about current events of the day, without allowing them to express their own ideas“.  This is particularly annoying and sometimes comes with hard of hearing persons, who somehow feel they must keep the conversation (monologue) going.  Conversation is a two way experience.  Discouraging that means you might as well be in a room by yourself.

Number Five: “Talking constantly over the television,” adding your own running commentary, while others are trying to hear the proferred information.  This should probably be higher on the list.  It is a difficult one to cope with, since the individual who is the culprit has no idea what he/she is doing.

Number Six:  “When you’ve been around as long as I have stance” is another of those that will get you nowhere behavior.  Age has its benefits.  One of them is not to ATTEMPT to be an expert on every subject, nor to want to be heard by others on whatever that subject may be.  It is relatively easy to be a mellow and gentle human being, check your attitude at the door, much like some cultures take off their shoes before entering the house.

These are only some of the habits, behaviors and dispositions that plague some seniors and invite the opportunity to address and avoid them.  Welcome to a more pleasant environment, in which you are always well received.

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