Sing On, Susan Boyle!

Apr 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

To our great fortune, Susan Boyle has been introduced to the world. Her gentle spirit, deft ability, fantastic range, subtle manner has hit us with some new lessons about greatness. Beauty is everywhere. There is still pure, true talent available in our world. Humility is a gift. Grace always surprises us. The impossible may be the dream you are having right now.

With profound and utter amazement, you captured an audience of millions. You deserve to shower us with the incredible sound of your voice. You are a person with stunning ability, and the ability comes in a most lovable package.

Grace us with your presence, your magnificence, your birdsong quality. We love being amazed, particularly when the source of that amazement is so genuine.

Sing on, dear Susan, sing on.

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