Signs of a Stroke

Jan 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

According to a popular email making the rounds, there are now four signs which indicate the possibility of a person having had a stroke.

If a person falls or experiences some other behavior that may suggest a stroke, persons near by can engage the individual in the following test.

First, Ask the person to smile.

Second, Ask them to speak, saying a simple six or seven word sentence.

Third, Have them raise their arms.

If they respond well to this exercise, they are probably okay. Add one additional test, have the individual stick out his/her tongue. If the tongue is crooked, that is goes to one side or the other, that may indicate a stroke.

A cardiologist suggests that quick action is very critical. If an individual is found to have had a stroke and action is taken to have the person seen by a physician, it is possible that a stroke can be prevented from being fatal.

Much like the Heimlich maneuver, knowing what to do, how to observe those signs that may suggest the need for immediate action (calling 911) may save the life of a friend, a loved one or a total stranger.

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