Seniors: Worry is Never a Good Solution

Dec 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The week previous has been spent identifying the top ten worries which affect Seniors.  Part of the focus has been recognizing that worry is often a choice.  When it is , it is much easier to manage and dispel. 

As counterproductive as worry is and as negative a means it represents for problem solving, it still is too often chosen as a means for overcoming issues.  Arriving at the place where worry is reduced as an influence and a problem solving technique in one’s experience, means that you are choosing to be in control. 

Obviously, it is helpful to have persons in your circle on whom you rely and in whom you confide to help you evaluate the nature of any worry.  Moving from evaluation to  solution will demonstrate that worry is, after all, a waste of time. Anything that detracts from your having a worthwhile, productive, non interference life (including worry) will contribute to your good health, mental and physical.

May one of the primary gifts of this season be release from worry.

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