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Weather Chaos and Convention Disruptions

Whatever else may develop this week and next, it would seem that those seniors who have withstood what has already passed, have had quite enough. One wonders, in New Orleans and nearby communities,  if the lack of shelter and staying in one’s own domicile is a better plan than having a safe retreat?  It seems to suggest that “limited government” means “good luck,”  “do the best you can,” and “when its over, we will come looking for you.”

Meanwhile the first of two conventions is spelling out its intentions for the future under the Republicans.  Limited government and limited assistance, even for those who, with circumstances beyond their control, may face more disasters to come.

Interdependence and the dictum of  being “one’s brothers keeper” notwithstanding, the future does not hold much promise for persons and situations which will require caring compassion.

Blasting winds, flooding streets reaching into homes, vain promises, speechifying do not lend themselves to creating a sense of hope and help when needed most. While it is not quite Katrina all over again, there are enough reminders of it to generate fear and intensify anxiety.

Cohesion and Compassion are Needed

Seniors have reason, along with many others, to tremble in the face of impending threats from natural causes (?) and politicians whose promises and assurances are as empty as many pantries.  This is a time for blending and binding together. Enough of this pitting neighbor against neighbor.

When the winds, both outside and inside the convention halls, have subsided may the tenor of our time change.  May there come forth the sunshine of a new day, the presence of a renewed commitment to one another. Whether disasters are natural or man made, it is time we found ways to care for one another.

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