Seniors: With Worry Behind Me, What Do I Do Next?

Dec 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Now that we have addressed and, hopefully, put worry behind us, what’s next?  Finding ways productively to occupy time is a daily senior undertaking.  Some, who are naturally curious, do so with no difficulty at all.  Others struggle with identifying ways to be busy at something all the time.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day for them.  They are to be admired because every time they invest a minute, it seems they are getting a great deal in return. 

Searching for opportunities is a very worth while way to begin finding ways to be satisfyingly involved.  If your day to day existence up to retirement has been characterized by self involvement, then it probably won’t be too difficult to continue to act out your daily routine. 

I know persons who literally have their day (week, month) planned before it begins.  If there is not enough packed in it, they are on the prowl for something, someone, to help them find activities to choose from among.

There really is a plethora of activities for seniors, available in almost any community setting.  Some, of course, more than others because there are more seniors who take advantage of the available activities and  assist in creating others.  Your own nature has to be susceptible to all kinds of things to do.  Is it art, crafts, music, drama, clubs and organizations, church activities, recreational offerings, hiking, museum hopping, social groups, table games, lectures, ad infinitum? 

Motivation is the first requirement.  It isn’t really possible these days, with the overflow of seniors in most communities, to be bored, at least not for long.  For those who are less social and more isolationist, there are libraries for reading and other activities that allow one to be on his/her own. 

What is cool for seniors these days is that, in addition to  golf for men, and swimming for women, there are almost no situations  in which both parties can’t participate together or singly if they wish.  

If living in a retirement community, of course there are many organized opportunities.  If living in a multi-generational community, it is pretty much as if nothing has changed, except your hours.  The point here is that you have successfully headed off “worry” as an item on your list to occupy your time.  Now, you may choose from among scores of ideas and temptations to keep your mind active and your body healthy.

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