Seniors Who Hear Voices

Jan 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors who hear voices, that is listen to their intuition, are not necessarily “off their rockers.” As a matter of fact intuition is often a well honed skill allowing one to rely on a sixth sense for decision making and problem solving. This, of course, does not in any way encourage making decisions or solving problems with only intuition at work. It is, however, one of the mechanisms for thinking through, listening to your own well developed good judgment and coming up with an outcome that you will be prepared to go with.

Practical, rational decision making is not devoid of its own deficiencies. Calculating a problem only mathematically, determining a direction only geographically, trying to reach an outcome only rationally, reaching a choice only emotionally means that a lot of other helpful insights will go missing.

Ironically, all of these and other considerations go into our decision making. Quick decisions made only intuitively can be disasters. Like love at first sight, you may need a vision check.

Decision making, particularly for older persons requires at least the following:

*Counsel with others for whom you have respect.

*Check out the details. If the decision involves money, be sure you are on solid footing and can afford any cost that may or may not be recovered.

*Look at the time involved for whatever it is you are deciding.

*Be aware of the energy required to accomplish the task.

*Have a Plan B.

*Try not to paint yourself into a corner.

*Look at all the options.

*Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to change your mind.

*Be prepared to admit that you could be wrong.

*When you decide in favor, don’t look back.

Celebrate your ability to work through decisions, share the success of your choices and decisions with your partner. Learn from your bad moves as well as the good. Use intuition and every other facility at your command to sort out and work through your eventual action.

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