Seniors: When Time Takes Charge

Sep 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The swift passage of time seems to be out of control.  Monday melts into Friday.  August jumps into September.  Yesterday went so fast that I don’t even remember getting up.  Today is upon us and will exchange itself for tomorrow before we know it.  Time seems to be in charge.  Too quickly, it flies.  Is there any remedy?  Is there any way to slow the pace?  Is there any means for having time to enjoy today before its over and gone? 

When considering that our budget is limited, we all only get 24 hours a day, we know we cannot appeal for more time. So, as with money, we are compelled to learn how to employ the time we have.  This does not imply rigid scheduling, which doesn’t allow for serendipity.  It does suggest that some controls can be imposed which eliminate unnecessary squandering of the time in our account.

Here are some hints:

Try to avoid too much redundancy.  When time is spent doing the same thing over and over again, an efficiency expert would call attention to how to consolidate those activities so that too much time is not given over doing the same thing repeatedly.

Take into account how much time is already committed before you even awake in the morning.  Time for hygiene, meals, routine needs in your own peculiar situation, sustenance stuff that everybody has to do.

Check out how much time is stolen in your day.  How often does the television set lure you into its trap, mesmerizing you into following it wherever it leads?

Determine how often and who steals your time with inane and useless conversations by telephone.  How does one eliminate the incidentals without being rude or uncaring?

Decide what the important, really important, things are that must be addressed in a day.  Plan those so that elimination of unnecessary steps can be considered.  If you are doing errands, plan the trip around the most practical route, avoiding backtracking.

Realize that some expenditure of time will be required of you from others, family, business matters, details of the household, and so on.  Do not begrudge those.  They are what keeps the engine running.

Keep up with the important people in your life.  Don’t let your own agenda get in the way of being a caring and available human being.

Let your life be in control of time.  Let your daily routine be managed by your own choices.  Let your investment of time and energy come from your own intentionality.  But, under no circumstances allow time to become such a tyrannical master that life is not loved, people are forgotten, serendipity is surrendered.

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