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Seniors Value Friendships

In the midst of the pain of grief and loss, senior citizens grope around for help and relief. A suggestion for a new app.  When life’s inevitable and painful experiences strike, would it not be well to have an application that applies the balm needed to cure the hurt and dissolve the pain?

With so many injuries that seem ready to strike us, when we are already in the midst of pain and hurt, wouldn’t it be useful to have a ready means for relief?  Of course, if you believe the ads, it is already there is one form, salve, ointment, precious oil or another.  And, we discover most of them don’t work.

However, there is at least one that seems readily available, authentically proven, usefully available.  It is being available at the time of immediate hurt, serious, deep and sometimes unseen injury.

People who are passing through the genuine pains and hurts, heartaches and insults, assaults and injuries that are a part of life’s sometimes treacherous journey, need the presence of people who remember. Those are the ones who give us the strength to make their way over the roughest part of the roads, who maneuver the detours, who navigate the unexpected paths that seem to lead nowhere.

Those who remember are the ones, who, without calculating the risk, without understanding that they may be putting themselves in danger, hold out their hand and offer us a lift up, a hand out,  reinforcement for taking the next step.

Expressions of Love

It is always easy enough to step to the other side of the road, to avoid offering the helping lift, the kind consideration, the momentary consideration.  When people remember they are doing what one always does for another, when the need is there.  They stop to take the time, to offer solace, to give of themselves to the others need.  Such readiness to be the one with a kind and gentle and giving spirit is what makes us comrades in the battle to overcome the tough parts of life’s road.

Having a spirit of kindness, resolving to put it to use when the need is evident, offering the cup of cold water… these are the means for remembering and making available the most satisfying ways for being present to anothers life and need.

So, when you make yourself present by whatever means, in whatever incarnation, through whatever expression realize you are remembering and making real the most valuable of human expressions of kindness: ”faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.”

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