Seniors: When Memory Fails, Allow Time to Recover

Apr 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The other day I told you that I had somehow misplaced a favorite timepiece during our recent relocation from Arizona to Texas.  As it happens, the item never left our home.  It was, all the time, right where I had put it.  I had searched for it in so many nooks and nonsense locations that I had lost all hope.  I was sure that through some chicanery it had been lifted, maybe even by a visitor from another planet. 

However, through it all, my dear spouse insisted I keep my anxiety at a low level, allow time and the synergy of good feelings help me be guided in the search and discovery of that sentimental object.

Some have accused me of having too strong a connection to things, collected items from over the years.  That is simply not true.  I am connected to the sentiment behind them, the motivation of someone who gave me a gift or remembered I enjoy certain knicks which give knack to the home.  It was true of this watch.  It had been a dear gift from my wife, inscribed on the backside with a sure fire loving way for it to be identified as mine.

On Sunday morning, I awoke with the resolution that this would be the day I would find my watch.  I scoured the bedside table to no avail.  I went through my socks and pocket puffs, still nothing.  Then I turned to my jackets, sport and suit coats.  I asked myself, which of these is my favorite.  I felt ever so gently, as I had done numerous times before in my explorations for the watch, and yet this time there was a strange feeling, like that of an envelope.  I reached into the pocket and, sure enough, there it was, where it had been all along.  No mysterious night viistor had ferreted it away, no strange disappearance had taken place.  It was there, right where I had secreted it away weeks ago.  My anxiety had given way to determination.  I exulted “I found it,” and my dear wife could only reply “found what?” 

It was a moment of gleeful celebration and happiness for me.  At last that which had been lost was found and I felt complete again, not because I had found the object, but that the sentiment of its meaning could return intact, without the regret of having felt so lost over a loss of that treasured symbol of love.

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