Seniors: When Meaning Starts to Slip

Mar 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How does one go about finding meaning any longer, when meaning has seemed to slip?  Meaning is that quality that gives life impetus.  Persons finding themselves short on it, find that there is not much cause for living.  Days drag.  Purpose is elusive. Turning to distractions, there is often nothing more than an idle wasting of time. 

Some seem blessed with inordinate energy, limitless interest in all kinds of things.  Some keep up a daily routine that presses them forward and onward.  Mysterious motivations seem to keep them at doing something all the time.  They are admired and should be applauded for the stimulus they keep and the inspiration they project onto others.

But, how do you get your own motor started, when you find that meaning has slipped?  How do you get the “uumph” to get up and at it?  What is it about someone your own age who seems to be able to find such variety to living?

Here are some possibilities: 

*Start every day with intention.  Be sure the intention is specific, concrete, doable, and definable. 

*Avoid distractions.  Get the basics out of the way: dress, have breakfast, avoid detours.

*Stay at the task until it is completed.  Do not put it off until later.  Complete it completely!

*When you have completed one undertaking, go on to defining another one. If it is too late in the day, be sure you have necessary preparations made for gettting  at the next day’s task straight away the next morning.

*Write down several ideas for upcoming tasks to help give your days meaning.  Do not limit your possibilities.  If you find you will need help, seek it out and line it up. 

*Find someone who will help you be accountable to yourself. 

*Only take time away from a daily project or task, when you are okay with doing so.  Don’t delay, if you think you will not resume your undertaking as soon as possible. 

*Keep a Journal of your experiences, so that you may draw impetus from previous ideas.

*Keep your spirit in tune with possbilities and ideas which may crop up from anywhere.   

With this and your own ideas you may soon find that meaning returns and satisfaction for living is improved.

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