Seniors: When Good Friends Die

May 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It seems always a shock to learn of the death, particularly sudden death, of a good friend. That happened awhile back. It took me quite off guard. Only four years my senior, I had always looked upon him as a model, a mentor, a good and wholesome human being. He was quick witted, warm, a hale fellow well met.

He had served in elective office for twelve years. When he left that post, he was all done with politics. But, had he chosen, he would have been easily elected again. He was trustworthy, cared for his constituency and was a gentle man.

A farmer, just out of high school a year, it would become his role to follow in his father’s footsteps upon his death. He has a lovely spouse, a dear well respected brother and a successful son. His death was sudden and those who learned of it must have wept silently in their unanimous grief. He was doing what he loved to do, taking care of the farm.

There was hardly a social gathering at which we didn’t at some point gravitate together to tell stories and do a little reminiscing. We just seemed to get along well. And that is what makes for a healthy friendship.

His memorial service will take place while we are away. We will miss saying our farewell, but he will know, as will his family, how valued we held him and how much he will be missed. The hollow in our hearts can only be filled by precious and long held memories. They will be called upon to bring solace. The family can know that he was a man of great worth, remarkable dignity and cherished throughout his years by those who knew him.

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