Seniors: When Everything Else Becomes Unimportant

Nov 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The word itself strikes fear in all our hearts. It is referred to as the Big C. Cancer. No senior citizen, whoever we are, wants to go through any of the tests that determine whether it has struck us. None of us wants to hear that it has been found in the body of someone we hold dear. But come it does. And often. Too often. Just within the last month two very close, dear friends, one a family member, have heard the news, received the report and the prognosis was not good. In that moment, everything else becomes unimportant.

Daily routines are altered. Agendas are changed. Anxiety is introduced. It is real and it is frightening, threatening and life changing. What can be done is evaluated. What must be done is discussed and deliberated. How it changes everything is realized. Now, to decide. Now, to adjust. Prevailing on strength and others becomes a little easier. One cannot fight this alone. One cannot defeat this by self will. One cannot overcome the fear and anxiety it produces without someone nearby to hold onto. Some turn to faith. Others find solace in friends and associates. Its okay. Strength is evidenced most in leaning on others at a time like this. Everything else becomes unimportant.

Life’s value suddenly takes on more meaning. One never thinks this will happen to them. One never considers that this fight for one’s life will be a struggle they will have to undergo. But happen it does. And when it does everyone affected is devastated. The “what can we do” questions are asked. The answers need to be ready and prepared. I need you now! This is an appropriate and precisely sincere request. And the response is just ask me and I will be there. I will do whatever is required. Everything else becomes unimportant.

Keep the phone handy. By your bed, in your pocket, close by. You never know when you will need to let someone know that you just need to talk, to have someone standing at the ready. No matter the hour. No matter disturbing someone else. No matter protocol. Call, interrupt, don’t be hesitant. Ask, receive. If need is not paramount now, when will it be? Every friend, relative, neighbor needs to know that this is when they count. This is what they are for. This is why the relationships that have been built matter. Everything else becomes unimportant.

Love, support, caring, giving, being there, crying together, enabling strength, fueling hope these are the priorities. Everything else becomes unimportant.

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