Seniors: When Eliminating Stuff, Do You Feel Sad or Free?

Oct 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Inevitably, as you age, move, change lifestyles, kick out the kids, experience a death or divorce it will be necessary to eliminate stuff. Not necessarily a happy thought, but a real one.  Stuff has a way of worming its way into our lives.  Sometimes it even feels like it has taken over.  For those who rent storage units, it very well may already be in charge of your life. 

Stuff comes in several definitions:  “Stuff I will need someday.”  “Stuff that I just can’t let go of yet.”  “Stuff we are keeping for the kids.”  “Stuff from my side of the family.” “Stuff and collections that are valuable.”  “Stuff she won’t get rid of.”  “Stuff he won’t part with.”  And so it goes. 

The exercise of ridding yourself most easily comes with some kind of provocation, such as a move.  If you have ever paused to calculate the weight of certain items to be moved across country, then an additional incentive is added to the question, ‘why are we keeping this?”

Discovering value in life by loosening the load, and letting some of it fall away often opens new perspectives on the value of living.  Living is not what I have, it is who I am.  It is not how many and how much I can stuff into my home, it is how much room I have for others in my life.  It is not something I may need someday, thus I keep.  It is learning to give away and enjoy the receiving others experience as well.

We are at the point, most of us who come to Senior Citizen Journal, that we can free ourselves of Stuff.  We can let go of sentiment that holds us in its vise, of stuff that no longer has real value,.  We can decide to be a sad for a little  while, but then we can choose to enjoy our new freedom.

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