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What is Next for Seniors?

Now that the Republicans have wrapped up their convention, and the Demos are lined up and ready, when do we seniors get our turn? Every interest( that may be an oxymoron) group seems poised to state its case, make its point, render its verdict.  How about seniors?  How about those of us who are supposed to be a big part of the entitlement program problem, but promised to be exempt from safety net issues?

What is boiling, just below the surface, is a lot of stuff that may make our country much less secure, our democracy a fallacy, our future, and that certainly of our children, a mystery.

No matter how bad the Repubs paint the Demos, the two have a lot of introspection and self evaluation to do.  The interest that seems strongest is that of politicians, who are intent upon frightening the general public into a corner from which there is no exit. All the other interests seem to be led by the nose to a destination that favors the outcome for them.

Politics in the Basement

Lies are about as common as West Nile mosquitoes. They are everywhere seeking to infect any who would question how they are trying to protect us from danger.  If we fall for the palaver of what is coming out of the mouths of pretend statesmen and women, it is ourselves we have to blame.  Sorting out the garbage from the garbage is no small job.

Empires have fallen for issues and causes that have less to their credit than our own.  Assuming that we are safe in the arms of protectors who have figured out how to lead us through the morass of modern times will only set us up to be all the more surprised when the fabric tears and the flag flies no more.

Falling for the chicanery of politicians  is not a new temptation.  Beware the snake oil salesmen who have us in their sights.

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