Seniors: When Aging Sucks!

Apr 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Someone observed, “aging doesn’t always bring wisdom.  It comes alone.”  Nutshell wisdom characterizes great truths.  This is one of them.

A friend and a relative lost their pets, just this week.  The pets were older and had shown their own signs of decline.  The pain that comes with the absence is major, huge, heartbreaking.  It is a time we had rather just skip over, an experience we had rather not have again.  If you are a senior, you, like us, have probably told a good number of pets good bye by now.  It is wrenching, no matter how many times it has happened. 

This is when aging sucks!  That’s the edited line of my friend who had to tell his pet of over a dozen years goodbye this last week.  That’s the wisdom that comes with aging.  It says it all in a few tear stained words.  There are just some things that come with aging we had rather find a way to experience without the heartache and spirit challenging agony that goes with them.

My counsel to my friend on Facebook, following on his comment, was:  ” Slowly, the grief will change to memory.  From memory to a loving longing for good old times.  From there your own mood will mellow at the great gift you had in Buddy.  These progressions will all come together to make your own spirit into a better person.  That is why grieving is so difficult.  It is growth.  It is change and our hearts and spirits long for the way it was.”

Words likely are not the balm we seek to soothe the wounds of loss.  However, short of an in-person hug, it is the best we can do.  When we all go through the “suck” times, we need some solace and comfort and kindness and thoughtfulness that come from understanding and caring.  It won’t make the grief disappear, but it will let us know that it is all right to be lonely, afraid and sad.  It is okay to let it all out, to cry or bawl or whatever it takes to let the sadness take its own deserved shape. 

So, buddy, as your Buddy takes his place in the hall of fame of your special experiences, know that the gift he leaves is a treasure of love and a friendship that is irreplaceable.

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