Seniors: What’s to do with the Days Between?

Dec 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The several days between Christmas eve and New Year’s eve hold the troubling quandary of what’s to do.  If all the company has been evacuated and there is nothing but quiet in the household, how in the world does one spend the time.  It’s too early to take down all the trimmings.  Turkey soup and sandwiches are about gone from the refrigerator.  There may be some fudge left, but that only creates problems for dieting later.  So, what can one do with time and lack of distraction?

Returning gifts to department stores is both an embarassing and troublesome undertaking.  Writing thank you notes to those who sent or brought gifts ordinarily is a not so involved task.  So what’s to do?

This is that time when nudging ourselves to really think about others is both an available and happy possibility.  Dig everything you can from out of your pantry that the Food Bank will be glad to receive.  Box up extra blankets and pillows and toys and warm clothing that the local Homeless Shelter would be pleased to accept.  Call your friends and neighbors and ask them if they have things that could help others.  Volunteer to pick them up for delivery.  Agree to volunteer to serve meals at the Shelter, give time to sort and distribute items that persons need: make a friend with whom you may continue a helping and helpful relationship.  Watch for children whose hurt may be particularly pronounced because they haven’t had a holiday yet.  Look out for persons who may have an automobile, but can’t afford gas or needs some minor repair.  Help them get back on their feet. 

Bored, you say!  Nothing to do!  Too much down time and no way to enjoy it!  Well, consider the poinsettias that are wilting, without water they will not thrive.  The same is so for those whose lives have been turned upside down because of unemployment, foreclosures, loss of any way to make ends meet.  Maybe there is something or someone out there who is just waiting for you to accept the invitation to think about them and to be present to them.

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