Seniors: What’s to Do? Part Two

Dec 30th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Yesterday we dealt with productive ways for investing time, energy and compassion during the season.  Principally, the focus was on Food Banks and Shelters and individual giving to those in desperate need.

Today we turn to the elderly, the lonely, the child, and the ill.  Many persons find themselves stranded during the holidays, almost literally on a lonely island in which there is little to no companionship, attention, or thought given to them during these festive days.

Many reside in facilities, assisted care, nursing homes, memory care centers, facilities in which they are bed ridden or are in recovery from a fall, surgery, or being watched after because of illness.  Many have no immediate family nearby.  Many have no immediate family at all. 

A visit to these facilities, discovering beforehand and soliciting the cooperation of staff, can prove to be an enormous lift to persons who are alone and lonely.  Perhaps bringing a small gift of fruit or a book that might prove inspirational, so long as permission is given, would bring a smile.  A bouquet or Christmas card to brighten their room might be nice. 

Search out for children who may be in the hospital over the holidays.  Check with the appropriate care persons to determine what limits there are to visits and gifts and so on.   Inquire if a pet might be allowed for the child to enjoy briefly.

While there will likely be fewer men in these situations, do not overlook them if they are present.  The persons we seek are persons who can benefit emotionally and physically from a visit and the attention a visit affords. 

After your presence has left, those who were the recipients of your time and attention will be enriched and given the gift of love and appreciation.  No greater gifts can be laid at a person’s feet than caring and thoughtfulness.

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