Seniors: What More Do You Want?

Jan 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior Citizen Journal attempts to offer a variety of topics and subjects to meet the interests of our readers.  Your repsonse continues to be generous and regular.  We, however, are ever in search for subjects which may more directly address concerns not previously covered here.  Your searches are a helpful way to us to know whether we are meeting your needs or not.

To further enhance our meeting your needs and interests, please send information in Comments or indicate in your searches subjects that we may be able to address. 

SCJ has an ‘analytics’ page that gives us a lot of information about you without personally identifying information.  That is, we don’t know your name, address, telephone or SSN.  So without knowing who you are, we do know what you are looking for when you come to SCJ.  Your search terms appear on our analytics page, and we are able to identify from there what you are looking for.   It is our intent to try to address your interests, as well as provide new ideas and report current news affecting senior citizens. 

Be sure to check out our travel editor’s blog daily.  Jim Becker has a wealth of experience, and a real knack for finding good travel sites to recommend.  Also take a look at Jeannine’s Notebook, For Senior Women.  She is contributing an article each week at the moment.  Her reminiscences and recipes are both helpful and funny.  Check it out!

Because we often do columns as much as a week in advance or more, a reply may not come immediately.  Be patient, if we have not previously addressed the subject, we will try to be faithful to your request.

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