Seniors: What If We Seize the Day?

Oct 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What would happen if seniors, this election season, seized the day?  What if all the goodness and grace and objectivity and wisdom and experience that has become a part of our make up were called upon to challenge all the nastiness, rudeness, meanness, below the belt, unintelligent behavior?  What if, we decided to make a difference that would/could shift the deterioriating nature of our public exchanges to conversations and dialogue that would show respect and honor and the proposition that “honorable people disagree.”  It is no longer prudent to disagree, it seems.  It seems that either one has to declare for one side or the other.  There is no ground in between.  Absolutes have been given sway.  Unfortunately this is at the root of the nasty, angry behavior of which we see and hear so much.

But, what if we seize the day?  What if we declare for goodness, reason, intelligence, balance, fairness (not contrived, but genuine)?  What if we raised up persons who are willing to risk their political reputations for decency, honor, challenge of those who are selling themselves to the

highest bidder? What if there were those in every gathering, every crowd, every assembly who inisisted upon integrity, instead of short term anger? 

What if we called upon those, who have already demonstrated their ability to be generous in spirit, to continue demonstrating alternative behaviors which challenge a better us?  After all, we can be better than we have been.  After all, we can rise above the petty, the disdain, the lowest common denominator to be a people who are willing to look at themselves to ask “am I being honest?” 

Other of the self directed inquiries might include: “Am I demonstrating care to those who are belittled and beleaguered in our current struggles?”  Am I guilty of denying rights to others, when I insist only upon my own?  Am I so afraid of issues, that I must build walls and fences high enough and wide enough, to keep me protected?  What becomes of those, who, like us, simply want to live ordinary lives, with as much opportunity for their families and future as we enjoy?

Much of what is happening now seems to be the creating of an environment in which everybody loses.  If we seize the day, can that be changed?   So long as there are declared enemies, pitched opinion battles, enraged and unthinking opposition to one another, the outcome cannot be favorable. At some point, can we unload our fears long enough to meet each other on a field of compromise, compassion and reconciliation?   Would that not be our chance to “seize the day?”

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