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The Need for Health Care

The majority of those surveyed seem to continue to oppose the Affordable Health Care Act, Obama’s health care plan, but those who are adamantly in opposition are working all the angles to remove it from the American landscape.  One may ask, “what happens if it goes away?”

Perhaps you have researched the issues and decided what your position is.  Perhaps not.  My guess is depending upon your economic conditions, whether you are employed or not, your political persuasion, your suspicions or lack of them will have contributed to where you come out.

Your health, or lack of it, may have a major influence on how you feel about the plan.  If you have undergone any or a variety of necessary surgeries, if you are experiencing the prospect of a life threatening disease,  if you feel you are satisfactorily covered by your present insurance, if you are wealthy enough not to have to worry about potential costs, then these may also influence your positions on the issue.

But, if you are on the edge financially, if you have little or no insurance (do you know anyone like that?), if your health has always been good, but certain signs are beginning to suggest health downturns, then what is your overall feeling about health care and the plan before us?

Many Americans Don’t Have Health Care Insurance

If someone in your family has been diagnosed with the need for surgery to remove a tumor, likely malignant, chemo and radiation treatments, with all the attendant difficulties, challenges and anxieties that accompany such, then what?  How long can your resources hold out?  How much non covered expense can you absorb?

The issues are as prolific as the possibilities.  If you only consider what your own personal risks are, then maybe you are in a favorable position.  On the other hand, that can be just wishful thinking.  Keeping in mind that none of us has a crystal ball, perhaps thinking through the consequences of the lack of an insurance plan is a wise consideration.  Just one of the reasons health care insurance is both wise and necessary.

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