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Plan for Christmas Joy

Anticipating what Christmas will be like this year helps to set the bar by which it will be reached.  Anticipating who and what and how this Christmas will be one to remember, will help it become so. This exercise, like many of the others we suggest now and then, is one which compels us to create the circumstances of a delicious holiday.  So, what do you want your Christmas to look like?  How do you want to share it?  What will be the components to help it come together into a pattern of joy and satisfaction?

Here are a few provocative suggestions which may complement your own:

SHARING:  an occasion for including in your own circle, through some means, a time to share with others.  Others will include not only family, those nearest and dearest, but those beyond our immediate and intimate circle.  It will involve taking the necessary time and energy to find ways to be sure you have shared with others who really need it most.

PEACE:  above all else, may this be an occasion of Peace.  May it be reflected most toward those who have made it safely home from Iraq, who will, at last, be with their own families.  May none be forgotten.  May all know how close we hold them in our thoughts, in our caring, in our remembering how profoundly grateful we want them to know we are.  May Peace prevail in our prayers, utterances, meditations and acts.

FAMILY: may family be enlarged to consider others.  May others become a part of our own immediate family as we seek to understand and celebrate that we are all a  part of the human family.

HOPE: let’s find ways to instill the prospect of hope this Christmas.  Let’s act out the rock bottom belief that this year, this season will inspire next year, next Christmas to be one of peace and prosperity for all. Let’s demonstrate that hope, that attitude in everything we do as we approach the season of hope and a year for hope.

SPIRIT: creating a movement in which a healthy spirit will prevail in relationships and interactions will be our goal and intention for this Christmas season.  Leave no one out.  Stretch generosity of spirit as far as you can make it reach.

GENEROUS: not only in material ways, but in our new found willingness to identify and agree to meet in person those whose Christmas will be incomplete otherwise.

REMEMBERING: taking the time to remember all those wonderful persons who have helped make for a life enriched by friendship, good times, happy occasions and memories.  Let them know they remain special to our hearts and  forever a good friend.

JOY: Include, this year, those new found gifts, persons and new family members, who have come into your life.  Let them know that this is the first year of many you will look forward to sharing with them.

There are many other conditions we would wish for, but these are among those at the top of most lists, we suspect.  Add your own.  Try to avoid the cliches of jolly, merry, and go to the depths of genuine human emotion, declaring yourself on the side of those experiences that make for sincere caring for and cared about moments.  Forego the trivial and reach for the profound, giving yourself permission to expand your own expressions and experiences of LOVE, which is what the season inspires most.

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