Seniors: What Conflicts Create the Most Tension for You?

Oct 8th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Conflict is about as regular as the monthly electric bill, changing the oil in your car, or getting up the courage to mow the lawn.  It is one of those things that slip into our lives, often without permission and expectation, but shows up anyway.  It isn’t fun.  It serves usually a very limited, if any, purpose.  It creates hurt and heartache.  It is as mean as the neighbor’s dog or cat.  It is usually loud and rude.  Some are less overwhelming than others.  Some lack drama, others have too much.

So, what is it that is characterized in your life that ends up creating the most tension for you? What needs to be done to head it off? When do maturity and good judgment replace emotional tirades? What about the relationship seems to prompt tension?  When does it seem to occur most?  Have you sought intervention on the part of someone who may be able to deal with you and it objectively?

Hopefully, by the time you are a frequent visitor  to this site, you have already laid to rest many of these issues.  Hopefully, you will have hit the reset button on those triggers that seem to set you off.  Tension is a threat to good and stable health.  It can create disturbances of mind and body.  You don’t need it and you don’t need to receive it.  Looking for ways to avoid and prevent tension is a better exercise than giving in to it when it seems to be prompted by whatever. 

Conflict and Tension are two bad words.  The more a couple (whether married or not) or any family members,  repeat or create the mood of these bad words in their surrounding, the more the relationshp suffers.  Surrender being a contributor to conflict and tension in your life.  Own your own behaviors and attitudes and begin to reduce the stuff that hurts you and often someone else.

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