Seniors: What Can We Do Without?

May 11th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What can we do without is becoming an almost daily and necessary query.  It is no time for extravagance or insisting upon expenses that can be eliminated.  It is no time to avoid the reality that escalating costs are here to stay.  Coupled to all kinds of dynamics which are influencing the rise of costs on everything, we are faced with having to impose new strictures on our spending, discipline on our desires, and absolute avoidance of spending whenever and however possible.

How do we start?  Here are some hints. 

First, eliminate all unnecessary trips to purchase unneeded items.  Examine the habit of jumping in the car to run to buy one or two items.  Put it off until you have several tasks which need doing. 

Second, choose carefully every item you purchase.  Ask yourself:  Do I really need this or just want it?  If it is the latter, push away from the item, recheck your must need list and move on. 

Avoid picking up impulse items.  Every store, aisle and check-out lane is full of them.  Leave them where they are, including magazines, candy, and useless cute things no one really needs.

If invited to run errands with a friend, return the favor.  If you share the cost of doing what everyone has to do, it will be less costly for both of you.

Shop with the lowest price in mind.  Use coupons.  Make lists in advance.  Review the list for those things you can really do without. 

Purchase items for future use, when on sale. Compare paper product prices and other big items which have a non-expiring shelf life.

Consider neighbors who may have needs you can help them meet.  If there is an elderly, disabled or ill person living near you, volunteer to offer them helpful assisstance.  It may cost you a little, but will pay dividends in how you feel about yourself.

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