Seniors: What Are Your Goals at 70+

Oct 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Unfortunately, Senior Citizen Journal has no way to track the age of those who visit here.  Eventually, those who are baby boomers will need to examine their goals after 70.  Others of us, already there, need to do so with some frequency, perhaps annually.  Our situations, covering every aspect of our lives, change year by year.  Necessity suggests that goals set for ourselves just a year or so ago may no longer apply.  Both because there are factors beyond our control and influences we did not predict, we are met with reevaluation. 

The financial tsunami through which we are passing has beset many with great and frightening financial set backs. Congress continues to hassle over the outcome of health insurance, its shape and implications for everyone.  The escalating debt and loss of the value of the dollar has its own impact on our individual economics.  Unemployment has struck many, far too many.  Younger and older are the victims of major seismic shifts in economic realities. 

These are only a few of the influences working on our own expectations for the next year or so.  Caution, conservative judgment, willingness to stay informed, without surrendering to the fear mongers and pessimistic prognosticators who aim their arrows at us daily are all necessary in the face of these times. 

Goal setting in this milieu require some of the following considerations.

*Be careful who you trust.  That stands alone and blatant.  Look under no rainbows.  They never yield pots of gold.

*Invest with known and well respected firms and individuals.  Even then, you must remember this:  risk is still risk.

*Always have a Plan B.

*Preserve some resources that can be readily and safely available.  Do not trust mattresses, coffee cans or sugar jars.

*Use your credit card for charges that will be paid off in 30 days. Do not incur interest.

*Have you made necessary arrangements for illness, its costs and legal ramifications?

*If you are expecting to travel, check out your destination with care.  Don’t end up where getting back may be a trick.

*Find ways, where you live, to enjoy the surroundings and available activities.  These days, grass if there is any, is seldom greener elsewhere.

*Review your expenses.  When, at the end of the month, you discover costs that were unnecessary, reduce or eliminate them ASAP!

 *Choose to do things that will give your life and relationships interest and stimulation.

*If somebody promises to “change your life and make it all better,” change the channel, move your mouse to a different site, hang up the phone or throw away the mail.  Those schemes are designed to take your money and leave you feeling stupid. 

If this sounds like a pessimistic treatise, it is predicated on real life observations and experiences.  Reality checks are good for us.  They help us to sort our the wheat from the chaff.  They assist us to look issues square on and head them off before they take us down.  Choose your goals with care, make your choices with temperate consideration, look the opportunity in the eye and see if it blinks.  At our age, it is depressing to make big mistakes, there just isn’t enough time to recover from them all.

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