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Families Share Life Experiences

Last evening, during the Super Bowl, no matter what, it was clear that we we were all in this together. Our son in law, in Scottsdale, had to be in heaven, some of his favorite teams were on the venue.  He had played professionally with the Indianapolis Colts.  With the game in Indianapolis, that was close enough to resurrect all kinds of nostalgia.

A few miles from us a Super Bowl party was in great form.  We are ordinarily a part of the group and the gumbo and the laughter over the commercials.  That has been a tradition for some years now.

We thought of other family members and friends, at far distance, who were absorbed by the game and its well rehearsed entertainment.  There weren’t many distractions to keep us from kicking back and enjoying the annual festivity.  We were, no matter where we were, all in this together. It wasn’t a live or die moment, as to who may win or lose.  Sure, a few bucks may have changed hands, but that was just part of the fun.

The Human Family Pulling Together

Discovering that we are all in this together, a part of the human family, finding sources of  our commonalty, enjoying and affirming our universality, all 111 million or more of us, may seem strange since its couched in a sporting event.  But for just this few hours there we were trying to forget the other stuff, lending ourselves to frivolous fun and sense of being together as two teams met on a field of dreams.

Maybe such commonalty can spark our feeling better about who we are and where we are headed.  Maybe such bonding will reduce the artificial differences that stir up conflict and division.   Maybe just being free of all the other stuff for a few hours is a worthy goal for getting us together.

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