Seniors: Waking Up to Bad News

Dec 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Everyday these days waking up to bad, sometimes “badder,” news seems to  be the norm.  The flood of personal and worldwide disasters dominate the headlines and lead ins.  No news source is without the personal and public tragedies that infiltrate everywhere.  How that affects us as we absorb the mayhem and maelstrom of stormy events surrounding us depends on us.  But, it is difficult to imagine that it does not have some influence on how we see and experience our daily world. 

Managing our own interpretation of these events, filtering how they influence our perceptions of the world and our attitudes about it, concluding how much we shall allow the data to direct our behavior becomes a daily time consuming and tempting task.  If we become too enmeshed in all the details and particulars we can literally move into an obsession of what is happening in the world and how it is shaping all of us.  If we do, we end up handing over the control of our own lives literally to events far beyond our, and perhaps any, control.

Sorting out the news so that it has relevance to our own lives is a somewhat daunting task by itself.  No longer do I watch the evening  local news which is flooded with murders and mayhem that has no particular relevance to the information I need to complete my day.  These are usually individual and heinous acts of crazed persons who have become inundated with a jaundiced world view. Learning about a shooting or a robbery or an accident does not add to any useful knowledge and simply confirms that people are going about making choices and decisions that spoil and ruin their own and other people’s lives.

Some sleep experts suggest that a way to get a good night’s sleep is to avoid having a television set in your room, thus not having the availability to watch the evening news.  Add to that the removal of the temptation to turn it on in the morning, and the day will likely start with an up attitude.  Other counsel is to have your room darkened sufficiently to assure the absence of light which often provokes interruption of adequate rest.  Starting off with decisions the night before which influence resting well will likely create the atmosphere for waking well the next day. 

Deciding to decline the opportunities for psychological disruptions in your life may very well create an environment in which reducing the imposition and invasion of bad news will assure you of tranquility and serenity.

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