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Senior Healthy Living

Met with these queries, the senior is often challenged to come up with some worthwhile answer to indicate that daily life is still a satisfying experience. Some, quickly with an indication of “not much” or “nothing.”  Not good.  Not helpful.  Not in your best self interest.  Senior citizens experience daily living in a variety of ways; we each have a host of activities in which we engage, and which are productive and important in our lives. Recognizing the value of our activities of daily living adds significance to our lives.

Here are some suggestions for activities you might consider important in the lives of senior citizens:

  • Up and ready for the new day.  Exercised for a half hour.  Walked the dogs.  Pulled weeds.  Raked the yard.  Lifted weights.  Rode my bike.  Walked to the corner store for a loaf of bread.  Had a hearty breakfast.  Spent special time with my mate.  Did a few chores around the house.  Cleaned the garage.  Spoke to the neighbor.  Went down the block to call on an ill friend.
  • Read from my kindle.  Reviewed the news on the Internet. Answered emails.  Went to Senior Citizen Journal to see what was up there.  Wrote a friend a snail mail, because he doesn’t have a computer.  Called some friends.  Tinkered with the car.  Paid some bills.  A friend stopped by.  We played pinocle.
  • Took a nap following lunch.  Set a golf date for tomorrow.  Went to a group meeting scheduled once a month.  Ran a couple of errands.  Watched the evening news.  Had a lovely dinner with my partner.  Relaxed, read and prepared for a good night’s rest.

See how easy it is not to say “not much” or “nothin.”

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