Seniors: Untangling Life’s Knots with a Therapist

Sep 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There are times, during the changing seasons of growing older, when life seems to get all knotted up.  Prompted by mysterious and unknown provocations, the mind and spirit seem to get twisted out of shape.  What does one do?  Where does one turn?  How does one find assistance in untangling those unyielding knots?

Recommendation:  Identify a competent, well known, well qualified, credentialed therapist.  Having someone, objective, calm and reasonable to talk to is the first step toward getting at those knots. 

Now, there is a whole carload of assumptions behind this recommendation. Those, of course, will need to be addressed first and with objective consideration. 

Decide that you cannot go it alone.  Decide that you really do need to “talk it out.” Decide that no one you know can “hear you.” Decide that your need for a counselor is greater than your shame at having to admit so.  Decide that someone must be able to give you the time of day in a way that can make a difference.  Decide you don’t mind paying for or having your insurance pay for sessions designed to  help you, just as you would an attorney or a dentist. 

No matter your age, “fessin” up to those occasions when life becomes a tangle worse than Christmas tree lights, can improve your quality of life and the calmness with which you face it. Battles, entanglements, surprise attacks, momentary depressions, unquieted anger, frustrating tensions all are prone to pay visits upon us.  We are quick to try to head off the common cold, annually get our flu shots, regularly have our check ups.  It is critically important that we assume the same attitude with our emotional behaviors.  In fact some of those emotional dynamics may very well contribute to all the other invasions going on in our lives.

Equal in importance to proceeding with your decision and choice of a therapist is trusting yourself to be able to be up front about the matters which bother, haunt, contribute to your distress.  Lacking honesty in therapy sessions, trying to camouflage feelings will end up helping neither your nor the therapist to try to target just what is going on with your psyche. 

Experentia docet is an old Latin phrase meaning “experience teaches.”  Those of us who have tried both methods for untying the knots, that is working them out yourself or seeking help have learned through experience that the latter is the desirable course.  We recommend persons who are fighting demons, struggling against emotional predators to get help to untie the knots. 

The sooner you start, the more likely you will begin to find a difference being made in your emotional life.

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