Seniors: Unearthing Long Lost Emotions

Apr 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Perhaps growing older requires some archaeology of our deep insides.  Perhaps, the time comes when we are somehow struck by glimpses of emotions and experiences from our past. Perhaps it is then that we might best choose to go on an archaeological dig of those long ago treasures that lie hidden in our heart and soul and mind.

Scratching the surface of them, as often we do, when a fancy strikes us, spurred by some word or song or music or flashing memory helps locate some of those moments.  They do not occupy a lot of time, but they have a way of surfacing.  Dreams are  often a source of identifying some of those long ago whispers of our past. Excavating them may require some pick and shovel work with our mind.  Reflections are often incomplete, like  uncovering the shards of a dig in the desert. At first, there may be only bits and pieces for us to try to make sense of some fading recall of a person or a place or a moment in time.  But then, very slowly, very deliberately, very carefully the pieces, like any puzzle, begin to fit into a pattern to make more of a whole.  And, aha, the memory returns and takes shape.

It is in that experience that we are met with genuine treasure, something that had been tucked away, covered up, long since discarded in the heaps of time.  Oh, but what a gift when suddenly, through some spectacular flash of recollection the memory recurs.  Returning with vivid force so that the long ago becomes the right now.  How precious to remember! It takes time, it takes disciplined thought, it takes pushing and digging.  But, when found and allowed to come to surface it is like digging up an old toy at the front step that was yours in childhood. 

It may mean nothing to anyone else.  It is not a museum piece to catch the fancy of those who pass before it.  But it is yours.  Your treasure, your long lost emotion that suddenly bursts upon you.  Seize it, savor it, even if intangible, find some way to preserve it.  It is one of the unmatched pieces of your life, your heart, your then that has surfaced again. Let it be a part of your whole, your now!

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