Seniors: Under the Wire, Over 55

Apr 11th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One good thing about some of the current shenanigans regarding Social Security is those over 55 get exempted.  Those under, well good luck!

Government has bcome a vast wasteland of bad ideas, poor judgment, incessant conflict, a contest of wills, and ideals of little to no merit.  Sure, our system needs reform, but why start with the very issues and concerns which make targets of the least equipped to fight back?

Buying off those over 55 with promises regarding Social Security is a coward’s way of acting.  Cutting Medicare and Medicaid to the bone is a sure fire way to create more desperate circumstances among those least able to afford it. 

Where is the outrage?  Women have coalesced over the severe slashes of the Planned Parenthood program, and rightfully so.  Feeding children, closing down jobs programs, cutting out extended unemployment benefits, and so it goes, are uncharitable ways to make a point. 

Are those who support such severe measures actually the same people who cry the loudest about the end times?  If so, they are also the ones whose very hypocrisy may contribute to the end times for many.  Perverted religion, lacking in compassion and care in the real world, may be the inspiration for some of these so called contemporary moralists.  If so, they need to be seen and heard for what they are:  shysters, phonies, playing to the balconies, stirring up the people, and blocking the sunshine out for a lot of human beings.

For those of us over 55, it is not to our credit to sit idly by saying “so long as I’m taken care of” everything will be okay.  That is as crude and mean a response as the active motivation to destroy a system that tries to care. 

Now is not the time to grow sullenly indifferent to the efforts of a Congress who have allowed robbers and non thinkers to dominate its conversations.  Where there is no willingness to listen, to compromise, to demonstrate that constituents have voices, just not in Congress, there can be no reason.  Where there is no reason, there is likely no truth.

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