Seniors: Trying on New Adventures

Apr 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Many older persons seem to have no trouble opening doors to new opportunities.  Others dread the very prospect.  I have never picked up a brush and palate to try my hand and imagination at painting.  I would like to.  I have never undertaken to sculpt a figure of any kind. I think I could.  I have never attempted to play a whole variety of sports and games.   I think I might prevail if I did.  I have never gotten past a thousand words in setting down an outline for a novel.  Oh, that I would try.  I have never taken on gourmet cooking.   That might be the most unsuccessful of undertakings.  I have never sailed a ship or been in a hot air balloon.  I have never gone sky diving.  I am not a rock climber or a skier or a skater.  I have never undertaken race car driving.  I don’t have a clue at how to play poker.

Having made all these revelations, the question is:  okay, which one would you like to begin doing first?

New adventures, as we can see, are available by the score.  It only takes will and imagination to get out there and do it.  Those who do are likely to add years to their living.  Those who don’t will likely begin, or have already done so, early deterioration.  Not a nice prospect.  Adding life to years means adding activity to days.  Oh sure, there are as many excuses and rationalizations for not doing any or other of these adventures as there are adventures themselves. 

Do you remember, as a child, having excelled at some new accomplishment and running home to declare to your parents what you had done that day?  Do you remember the first time you hit a home run or hit the tennis ball over the net or made it to the goal line?  Do you remember what it felt  like to skate on ice or sled down the highest hill in town or dive off the diving board?  Why must  joys and feelings of that kind be limited to the young?  Why can’t we try to reach for stars or fly a kite or even catch frogs from a creek bed? 

Trying on new adventures is an opportunity open to us all.  The boundaries and limits can only be set by you.  The taking them on, jumping in, running ahead is for you to choose to do.  And the satisfactions and rewards will be yours to share forever.  Try a new adventure.  Feel the joy of being young again!

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