Seniors: Treasure Troves of Friends

Oct 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For most of us who have lived into the retirement years, we are backed up by friends, old, more recent and even some forgotten.   When loneliness sneaks in upon us, the wonder of the Internet allows for rediscovery of persons who were once very near and dear to us.  Searching for them is part of the joy.  Communicating with them, with hope that they will reply, is a treasure beyond imagination. 

Going all the way back to high school and perhaps earlier, one may find persons whose contributions in friendship deserve recalling.  It may be more difficult with females, who often undergo a name change upon marriage.  Sometimes, however, they include their maiden name in the listing.  Seek and you shall find.

A search for friends is like the unearthing of a vast and hidden treasure.  It may allow for the sharing of memories, the occasion to set something right, the chance to confess to long ago feelings that may be a compliment to each of  you now.  Do not invade the life of another in such a way as to provide embarrassment.  Just seek them out in order to restore the thrill of reacquainting.  Many of us, having moved around the country, find that friends in new locations are difficult to identify.  Renewing friendships may allow for the discovery for fresh acquaintances because of mutual circumstances. 

Looking for friends, particularly those with whom much interaction occurred earlier on, may open doors to new palaces of enriching associations.  Facebook and other means for interconnectedness has provided the chance for surprising intersections with old friends.  It is no miracle any longer to seek out persons with whom you would like to discover a redefinition of friendship.

Fraternity is a worthy undertaking at this venture in our lives.  Reunions grant the occasion for getting back together.   Electronic communication can reconnect us with others even when far away.  What a time to be alive and to know that valued comrades from the past can be so again .

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