Seniors: Translating Time into Talent

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Have you ever thought about doing something that you never thought you could do? Have you ever considered taking on new hobbies, developing new skills, exploring adventures that you have always put off?

I know a dear saint who has translated her time into the talent of taking care of animals. She volunteers in two communities at the local Humane Society. She and her husband have put their energies, resources and commitment to work caring for and providing for pets, who otherwise would have abbreviated lives. They are saints in the best sense of the word. Their devotion and commitment takes on demonstrable and actual hands on caring. They have plowed resources into facilities and surroundings where pets, waiting for new parents, await.

The result of all of this is that this couple is respected, happy, serene, acting out what it means to translate time, which could be spent on anything, in the best interest of others, four legged others and others who are taken with the infectious quality of love, everyday caring love.

The task of translating time into talent is not all that difficult or overwhelming. It just means developing any one or more of numerous opportunities to spend your day to day energy. Each of us is given such a chance. Some choose wisely, carefully, generously. Others waste it away, wondering why life seems to have so many dead ends.

Tomorrow is a treasure chest. It awaits being opened. The multitude of jewels sparkle before you, waiting to be picked up, examined, invested in ways that will pay dividends in interest, satisfaction, joy, offerings of accomplishment.

Your choice will determine whether you select a talent which can be shared with others or something you will hold too closely to your own breast. Giving yourself away is a choice worthy of your personality, your dreams, your abilities, your hopes, your desire to love. When you do, you will have learned one of life’s great lessons: turning your time into talent can be a way to give your days meaning and your life fulfillment.

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