Seniors, There are Islands of Hope

Aug 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you are one of those seniors who grew up with a sense of integrity, saw hope in the future, nurtured the principles of fair play, then you are likely looking for Islands of Hope in our time.  They are there.  They are evidenced in good people like Shirley Sherrod, whose name and witness have now, gratefully, become household words.  We need more Shirleys.  We need persons who stand up for what is right and evidence a frame of reference that says “I can make a difference.”  There are islands of hope.

Those who have worked hard in their professions and jobs, those who have reared their families with lessons of sensitivity are the persons who are helping keep the fabric of good sewn together in our times. There must be genuine satisfaction among those who took the time and demonstrated the courage to teach their children the principles of good and bad, right and wrong.  That is one of the reasons that the millenia generation has less prejudice, demonstrates no interest in joining groups that put down and decry others. The crossroads, where we find ourselves, is dependent on our choosing the right course.  Especially is it critical that those who are holding up the flag of decency to know which is the right course and to follow it.  Persons who have forgotten how critical it is to be witnesses to decency need to observe those who are convinced that there still is hope.  Such encouragement needs the fertilization of good and true folks who aren’t afraid to stand for justice, fairness, fair play, honor, sensitivity, and all the qualities that have helped keep America strong and vibrant and honest.  Without those qualities, we come to the edge, where there are those who are ready to jump off because they find no hope, see no future, engage in despair and dishonor those who want to keep trying. 

There are Islands of Hope.  There are men and women who understand they cannot isolate themselves from the conditions of our country.  We  cannot turn our backs, deny that we have a place and an obligation to be persons who want to keep the foundations from cracking, to sustain the elements of the good so that we can inhabit our island of hope.  Those who believe that their presence, their initiative, their reliance, their inspiration all are necessary for keeping us on track.  Those who run from their own need to examine how they can be examples, who are too much like jellyfish, who have no spine, no courage, no understanding about conviction are not those who search and hope for hope.  They are willing to sacrifice hope in order to keep the status quo.  They won’t and they can’t stand tall.  They succumb to those who intimidate and frighten, and thus become fearful and closed. 

Where is the strength that keeps the island of hope a place for those who would make a difference? Now is the time for those who sit idly by and through apathy allow the negatives to take over to examine themselves, their sense of purpose, their own convictions.  Without these essentials, there can be no island of hope.

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