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What Will You Do in the Next 20 Years?

No matter how old you are, there is something to be said for anticipating the next 20 years.  Of course, the older you are the more the percentages drop for our being around.  However, even with that it is somewhat entertaining to try to project ourselves and our progeny into the future.

The next 20 years, if you are in your early 70’s, at the end of it, puts you in your 90’s, survival assumed.  These days reading the obituaries suggests that more and more are living into their late 80’s and early 90’s.  It is always surprising to find that even the famous, well known and wealthy, when reaching this plateau begin to face the difficulties that come with age.

What will your next two decades bring?  If you are 80, looking down the barrel at 100 is always an intriguing prospect.  If you are 90, the possibility of hitting 100 is right up there with the diminishing numbers of star batters as they try for one more home run.

Beside the threat of worrisome health problems, what is there to spend time surmising things will be like?

Seniors Win the Age Game

Having had the joy of knowing a variety of post 90 and a few right at 100 and more, experience shows that some have taken on aging and won.  Some, almost right up to the curtain’s fall, have managed to live life and take on its various dimensions with great aplomb and satisfaction. A post centenarian spent many occasions entertaining in her palatial southern style home, with her favorite cocktail and provocative conversation with others.  When met one day in a local parking lot, we stopped each other for a chat.  She was disembarking from her huge new Cadillac. ” Why, when did you get that?” I inquired.  She replied, with a gleam in her eye, “Oh, I ran into the bank the other day with my other one, and had to get a new car.”  She “ran” into the bank, as in collided, smashed, met head on.

Getting older does not mean discontinuing the joy of being alive.  Our next 20 years introduces the opportunity to test the limits, to engage in as much as our minds and bodies will allow, to be free from stereotypes and unbridled by assumptions. The only question is are we up to it. And if we are anywhere near the jumping off point, what is there to lose?  Living out life is better than tolerating it.  Living out life is preferable to surrendering.  Living out life, at whatever age,  while a challenge, is also a gift to ourselves and likely to others.

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